How To Rank On Googles First Page

In this course you will learn how to rank on Googles first page and make your webpage SEO Search Engine Optimized.

SEO - Search Engine Optimize your webpage

Do you want to learn how SEO - Search Engine Optimize your webpage then this is the course for you. You will learn what Google is ranking webpage based on. How to optimize you webpage for speed so it loads as fast as possible.

How to come up with keywords and where you must use them. How to index your webpages to Googles search engine for faster ranking. How to create blogposts and how to rank them on Google first page in a week.

Do you rank today?

Are you using the right keywords, are you using any keywords or in the right place? Do you know what Google is ranking your page based on? What does Google look at when ranking your page?

Do you know if you rank with you page on Google at all? Do you know how to rank on Google? What is your webpage score with Google? Is your webpage mobile friendly?

Are you using right size images? Are you webpages indexed at Google? What can you do to make it load faster?

100 of thousands of views
As you will see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to your webpage, and being on the first page on Google is very important, because if you are not, you are missing a lot of business coming your way every month! Being on Googles first page can bring you 100 of thousands of views every month, but if you are on page 2 you barely get any views, that's how important it is being on the first page of Google.

Using the right keywords

I will show you how to search and look for the right keywords to use, what people is searching for in your niche and in relation to your products. Using the right keywords is of course very important so you will show up for the most amount of visitors on Google.

Where to use keywords?

You have to use your keywords in specific places in your webpage and you will learn exactly how you must structure your webpage, what Google is looking at when ranking it.

How to rank on Googles first page?

Outrank you competition

What content do you need in a webpage and how much content do you need to be able to outrank you competition? What to look for and where?

Creating content

Creating a lot of content can be challenging, especially if you have many webpages. But I will show you how you can create loads of content within a very short time. If you have a blog, then you will learn how you can create a new blogpost in 15 minutes.

Check you Google score

Testing your webpage to see what Google thinks of your webpage is something that is important and helps to optimize it for ranking.

Webpage Performance

We are looking at how your webpage is performing and how to optimize it, how it loads and what you can do to improve it.

Check Accessibility

Accessibility is another factor when it comes to ranking and we are of course looking at that as well.

Want me to audit your social media accounts?

Best practices

What is the best practice to use and what to think about when creating a webpage in Googles eyes?

Mobile friendly

Google is ranking webpages based on if they are mobile friendly or not and you will learn how to test to see if it is mobile optimized or not and what to think about when creating a mobile friendly webpage.

Optimized images

Loading time is another factor when it comes to ranking, Google want´s to server the best webpages possible to their users, so having a webpage that loads fast is important. Are you using the right sized images? Do you use the right image format on your images for it to load as fast as possible? I will show you how to convert you images to the right image format so it will load as fast as possible, so you can get a 100% page loading score at Google.

How to rank on Googles first page?


After you are done changing everything as you have learned in this course, then it´s time to check that you get a 100% SEO score at Google, so you know for sure that it is fully optimized for ranking with your keywords.

Optimize for ranking

You will learn how to optimize all aspects of your webpage and use tools so you can see even before you index your page, the probability that you will outrank your competition.

Indexing your pages

When everything is done, then it is time to index your webpage for the Google search results, meaning that you have to add it to the Google search index otherwise it will not show up when people are searching. If you don´t index your webpage with the Google Search Console then it can take months before it shows up on Goolge. So indexing makes it show up in a day or two.

The course is 2 hours long and your price is only $212 + tax (1995 SEK + moms) per person.

Booking this course
You can book this course as a digital course with Zoom or personally with me. In English or in Swedish. Send me a mail for bookings and more information.


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