Instagram Marketing Course Part 2

Ready for the next step in your Instagram Marketing?

Instagram Marketing Course Part 2, learn all you need about Instagram marketing in this course.

Marketing the next level.

In this course you will learn how to use not 1, not 2, not 3... but 12 different Instagram Marketing strategies to be able to get new followers and more interactions on your content and start to sell with Instagram, you will learn what tools to use to make creating content as easy and quick as possible. It will take your marketing to the next level!

12 Instagram marketing strategies

Having a Instagram marketing strategy is very important if you want to sell on Instagram and here you will learn how to get new followers, more interactions on your content and how you get you content infront of new people all the time, using 12 different strategies.

Optimize your account

Having an optimized Instagram account and bio is important since you have to grab the visitors attention at once, you only have a couple of seconds before he/she desides if they are liking your account and if the should follow you. So here you will learn how to optimize it and make it SEO - Search Engine Optimized, and why you must do it!

How to grow from 0 followers

Can you grow on Instagram if you have no followers? Yes if you have the right strategy you can and here your will learn how you do it with 12 different strategies!

Build a personal brand

How do you build a personal brand and what do you have to think about.

Write captions that stands out

To get more interactions, having people to spend more time reading your captions and follow your CTA, you need to know how to write and create good captions that stands out, so that´s what you will learn here.

Creating captions

How to create captions for your Instagram content or how to write a blogpost in 15 minutes, without typing a single word. Creating a lot of content can be challenging, but I will show you how you can create loads of content the easy way.

How to create an Instagram Marketing strategy.

Create viral content

How to create and where to find viral content, so you can create your own viral content? Here you will learn what tools to use to be able to find the best viral content in your niche.

Create a giveaway

Creating a giveaway is a good way to get more interactions, more views on you account, more followers and to build your email list, and you will learn how to create a giveaway and what you should think about.

Engage with new followers

How to engage with new followers and why you should do it every time to get more interactions and more reach with your content.

Cold sell in Dm

How to cold sell in your DMs as a marketing strategy is another thing you will learn in this course.

Get on the Explore page

What you need to do to be able to get on the Explore page and get new followers and more interactions on your content.

How to get on the Instagram Explore page.

Create a lead magnet

What is a lead magnet and why you should have one. How do you build your email list and marketing with a lead magnet? How often and how do you promote it?

Email marketing

Why you must use email marketing in your marketing strategy, and how you use it to sell your products or services.

What is a sales funnel?

What is a sale funnel and how do you use it to get more sales even when you are on vacation? How do you create a sales funnel that will sell automatically for you and what do you have to think about? What tools do you need to use?

How to use Canva

Here you will learn how to set up Canva so you can create all your marketing content that is in line with you brand as fast as possible. You will learn the basics of Canva and why you should use it to create all your marketing material.

100 things to post

How you can get months of content to post in an easy way and why you should do it to make your content creation so much easier.

How to use Canva for all your marketing material.

How to find topics

How do you find topics to create content about, that you know to your followers will like and engage with?

Make posting easy

Creating a lot of content is one thing, but how can you make it easy to post everything? What scheduling tools can you use and why should you?

Post reels to your Facebook account

When sharing a reel it can automatically be shared to Facebook, but not to your Facebook page! So how can you share your reels to your Facebook account? I will show you where and how you do it.

Create Instagram & Facebook ads

How do you create a Instagram and Facebook ad? Where do you create them and what you should think about when creating them. Why should you use paid ads in your marketing strategy?

Where and how to create Instagram reels ads

You will also learn how and where you can create reels ads and why you should use reels ads in your marketing strategy.

Instagram marketing course 2.

Batch creating

How you can batch create content for the next month in a day.

Stock video and images

Where you can find free stock videos and images and how to use them in your reels and stories to be able to create reels without showing your face.

How to use a self timer

What selftimers you can use to make your photshot much easier and quicker.

Marketing research

How to do marketing research to find a niche and to find the best accounts to advertise on.

Competitors advertising

How can you see your competitors advertising? Learn how so you can see what works for them, so you can create something simular that you know will work for you.

Ok I'm hooked what's in the Story Course?
What is included in this course?

How to use a teleprompter

Using a telepromter when creating videos can really speed up you workflow, so here you will learn how to use it.

Email funnel

What is an email funnel and how do you create them, and what tools you can use to create them.

Theme accounts

What is a theme account and how do you start one, what´s the great thing about them? Is a theme account what you should start with?

Advertise with Influencers

How Influencer marketing works and how do you find Influencers to advertice with?

How to build a team

Why you should build a team and how do you start? Here you will learn how you can create a team on a small budget. Creating a lot of content takes time, so build a team that will help you with it will save you loads of time every month. Where do you find team members?

Get 10 000 followers in 30 days challenge

Here you will get an action plan on what to do for you to be able to get 10 000 new followers in 30 days. You will get a step by step action plan, so you know exactly what to do over the next 30 days. You will learn how to set up your account, what to do on what days, what to post and when to do it!

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The course is 4 hours and cost $529 + tax (4995 SEK + moms) per person

Booking this course

You can book this course as a digital course with Zoom or personally with me. In English or in Swedish. Send me a mail for bookings and more information.

Leran everything you need to know about Instagram Marketing