Pinterest Marketing Course

Learn how to create a Pinterest Shop and everything about Pinterest Marketing in this course.

Pinterest Shopping Course, learn all you need about shopping in this course.

Why you should sell on Pinterest

Pinterest has over 430 million monthly active users and 89% of US pinners on the platform are using it to plan their purchases and to research products. Almost half of the users are there just to shop, 47% percent to be exact. That’s about 215 million new potential customers looking to buy your products.

Pinterest has mostly female users, 78% of the platform users are female, so have that in mind. And about 45% of the users has an income of + $100 000.

So find your ideal client and start to sell to them! But how do I do that?

Create a Business Account

If you want to sell on Pinterest then you need a business account, because you get access to more features, such as analytics, ads and other necessary things for selling on Pinterest.

Verify your website

If you want to use Rich Pins, that collects information from your website about your products, then you need to verify your website and that what we will do here.

Set up your account

Once you have your business account it's time to set it up right. You have to make it perfect for your ideal client, so we are going to optimize you profile and bio and create a cover board and we are looking at how to create showcase boards.

Pinterest Shopping Course, learn all you need about shopping in this course.

SEO - Search Engine Optimize

Pinterest works as a visual search engine and therefor it is important that your know how to make your bio, account and content search engine optimized, and you will learn exactly how to do it!

How to use Rich Pins

Rich Pins collects extra data and information from your website to display alongside the normal pin info (like image, title and description etc) to display product price, description and if it is in stock.

Set up a Pinterest Shop

You will learn how to create an Pinterest shop, how to create store collections, and how you can share products to Pin Ideas and everything else regarding Pinterest shopping that you need know if you want to take your Pinterest account to a new level.

How to tag Pins

Once you have a shop you can start to tag product pins, and link them to your products in the shop and I will show you exactly how to do it.

Pinterest Shopping Course, learn all you need about shopping in this course.

Automated Shop

To make it easier to update your products in the shop you can upload products with a data file so you don't have to update them one by one.

I will show you how you can create a data file that automatically updates your Pinterest shop with the products from your ordinary webshop, so as soon as you upload a new product or update an existing product in your ordinary webshop, it will automatically update it in your Pinterest Shop as well!

Pinterest Ranking

When you have set everything up with your account and shop it´s time to start to create your Pins, post your content. But what should you post and how should you do it to be able to post content that rank on Pinterest? That's what we are looking at in this section. Pinterest marketing.

Most Repinned?

I will show you how you can see all the Pins that are most repinned in your niche, knowing this will make it a lot easier for you to create content that really gets a lot of views.

Pinterest Shopping Course, learn all you need about shopping in this course.

Post Your Instagram Posts To Pinterest

I will show you a tool that will automatically upload your Instagram post to your Pinterest account so you don't have to do it every time you are posting content.

How to Schedule Your Pins

To make your pinning life a lot easier I will show you how you can schedule you Pins.

Start with Pinterest today!

If you are not using Pinterest for your business today, then you are missing out BIG time! So if you want to set up a Pinterest shop quickly, then you should book this course because I will teach you everything you need to know about Pinterest shopping in the shortest time possible!

Pinterest Shopping Course, learn all you need about shopping in this course.


The course is 3 hours long and is valued at $317 (2995 SEK) but your price is only $212 + tax (1995 SEK + moms) per person.

Booking this course

You can book this course as a digital course with Zoom or personally with me. In English or in Swedish. Send me a mail for bookings and more information.


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