Instagram & Facebook Shops Manual

Instagram & Facebook Shops Manual

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Do you want to learn how you can create an Instagram shop and Facebook shop that is fully automatic? That updates every hour with products from your ordinary webshop! You will not find this info anywhere else!

In this manual I will show you how to create both Instagram shops and Facebook shops, and how to get them fully automated. So you don´t have to do anything at all ones you have set it up. It will automatically update the shops based on your ordinary webshop. So when you add, delete or sell a product in your ordinary webshop it will update both your Instagram and Facebook shops. You can get this course both in english and swedish.

You can download the .pdf file as soon as your purchase is finished and have it as a reference when you create your Instagram and Facebook shops. And you get any future updates for free! It includes screenshots and text so that you can easily follow along.

To create the shops themselves, no coding is required, but some coding is required for the automation in this course, and if you do not know it yourself, you probably have a programmer who will help you with your website.

Here are some of the thing you will learn.

  • How to create a business page on Facebook
  • Connects Facebook and Instagram
  • Create a Facebook shop
  • Add products manually
  • Create an Instagram shop
  • Upload products automatically
  • Create a product file
  • Link to your product file from Facebook
  • Create shop categories
  • Add collections to your shop
  • Update the product file with the Task Manager on the server
  • Update the Facebook and Instagram shop with a purchase
  • Create a Facebook App
  • Send a POST request when making a purchase
  • Create a Never Expires Access Token
  • Update the Facebook catalog
  • And much more...